Wyncliff's Gem of Tamturi CGC

 Amber  (aka Houdini)

Amber is a delight to have around!  She has been lonely since her BBF, Reign, went to live with her new family.  But she is okay now, since Tyme was born.  She is an excellent mother and spent as much time as she could with her pups.  Watching them leave was hard on her, but when Tyme stayed, she was thrilled!

Now they play together like best pals.  She doesn't like to be separated from Tyme, though she does not hesitate to let her know to back off when Tyme gets so excited that she forgets and bites her mom!

And Houdini, yep just what it sounds like, can't keep this one where she doesn't want to be.  Fences, crates, doors, locks all meant to be breached.  Thank goodness she likes me, and sticks around.  I think it's to see what I come up with next.  The mind games continue.


Tamturi's Fantasy in Tyme


Tyme was born February 9, 2020.  She is one of six beautiful puppies that make up Litter F.  

She is lively and very intelligent, picking up the meaning of words very quickly.  That's not to say she always does what she's supposed to.  She is a Flat-Coat after all!  But when the incentive is clear, she does what is asked of her.  She has definitely mastered 'sit' and 'wait' when it's feeding time.  'Potty outside' not so much!



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